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Trading is not Gambling, Its all about Risk Management and psychology. There are many ways to trade this market and generate handsome amount of profit. As i did mention is previous course 1st Day. Set your goal. Once you set it logical. Everything looks good and easy.

Stock Market Golden Rules

  • Making money in the markets has almost nothing to do with how often you win – but everything to do with how you manage your risk.
  • Never risk more than 10% of your account equity on any one investment, trade, or recommendation.
  • How you exit a trade is as important, if not more important, than how you enter it.
  • Discipline makes money – Discipline in predetermining your risk and putting as much emphasis on when no exit a trade as you do on when to enter a trade.
  • Ignore the News.
  • Always keep in mind : News does not dictate the major trends in any market or security. To the monetary, news flows from the trends.

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